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Silly Rick Wilson has a CRAZY Conspiracy Theory about Joe Biden's Terrible ABC Interview

Little Rick Wilson, legend in his own mind and founder of 'The Lincoln Project' is embarrassing himself in service to Joe Biden again. 


Is the 'room tone' responsible for the many incorrect things he said during the interview? 

Rick is not a good person, so there is no need to have any sympathy for him.

The 'cope' is strong with these people. 

Oh yes, the 'corporate media' love Donald Trump. They only talk negatively about him 24 hours a day/7 days a week while constantly propping up Joe Biden. 


These people have lost all grasp of reality.

Oh, now the corporate media is working in conjunction with the GOP and also Russia to harm Joe Biden. Next, the unicorns and Big Foot will join forces with the GOP.

Apparently, this tweep is a 'Family Addiction Coach'. The Bidens could actually use his help with that and not his political insight.

No sane person is asking that question. Not one.


Back when 'Slick Rick' was a Republican, he had a whole different take on Joe Biden. How does anybody trust this guy?

Joe Biden is going to mess up in any room, no matter the acoustics. The hoops they have to jump through to cover for this guy are astronomical.

Biden isn't singing opera. He's merely talking to a person in the room with him. He can't even handle that.


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