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Nancy Pelosi Denies Speaking with Biden and Wonders if his Debate Demeanor is an Ongoing Problem

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Nancy Pelosi is a couple of heartbeats away from the Presidency and is also a Democrat, so one would think she and Joe Biden would have taken a call together after his disastrous debate. One would be wrong.


This almost feels like Biden is quickly losing the support of high ranking Democrats. Then, she went onto say this. It's a must watch.

'Is it an episode or a condition', does not feel like an endorsement of Biden or his abilities.

Even President Trump's team was shocked by the interview.

She should also step down, but one thing at a time.


It's indicative of a real problem. Maybe 'Dr. Jill' is too scared to let another woman have Joe's ear.

Jill Biden is watching in real time as her fashion wardrobe budget and luxury lifestyle funded by American taxpayers comes to an end.

This is also a fair explanation.

The real question is who is actually pulling the strings because it's clear Biden is not in control.

When Joe is done by 4:00 pm, it does make it hard for someone to fit in a call. Many older people start to sleep fewer hours. Joe Biden is apparently the exception to that rule. 


What a blessing that would be.

To be fair, who would choose to speak to Nancy Pelosi if they were not forced to do so? This is one time we can't blame old Crooked Joe.

This feels like the most plausible explanation. Jill would not want someone to convince Joe to step down when she is doing her level best to get herself four more years in the White House.



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