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Townhall Media

It has now been two days since Joe Biden's disastrous debate performance. At first, it seemed Joe Biden may be forced out after it became very clear he is nothing more than a bumbling clown. As of late last night, it appears the Democrats have decided to circle the wagons and continue to support Biden.

Two former Democratic Presidents came forward to support Biden and his continued presence in the race. Obviously, Jimmy Carter is too ill to make a comment, but he is also likely grateful Biden has replaced him as the worst President in modern history. There are, however, many cable news political pundits who refuse to jump on this train bound for nowhere good. These are people who have been steady and sure Biden talking heads. To see them expressing concern is a big deal.

When you've lost the Bulwark ...

The Left is turning on Tim very quickly for refusing to fall in line.

Jen Rubin trying to get the ducklings back in a row is utter hilarity. 

It appears there is a huge divide among Democratic party loyalists. Will the pundit and people win out, or will the leaders of the party convince naysayers Biden really is up for the job? Only time will tell, but watching them implode could not be more enjoyable.



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