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Yikes! Time Magazine Releases BRUTAL Joe Biden Cover in Wake of Debate Disaster


When the Democrats lose 'Time Magazine', they likely have big problems. Their latest cover is devastating to Joe Biden.


As usual, Joe is wandering off where he is not supposed to be.

As President Joe Biden was going over his final notes with his inner circle and getting ready to debate Donald Trump on June 27 in Atlanta, his wife slipped into a nearby meeting of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors. The Biden Victory Fund and the Democratic National Committee’s financial bigwigs had all assembled in the Ritz Carlton as part of a two-day political briefing that featured emotional pep talks and face-time with VIPs. “Joe’s ready to go,” Dr. Biden told the group. "He’s prepared."

Fact check: false.

If that was 'Prepared Joe', things are even worse than America realizes.

Before midnight, Joe Biden would slog through 90 minutes of a debate against Trump that even Biden’s closest allies privately admitted was a disaster. Biden appeared every bit the 81-year-old grandfather that he is, stammering with a thin voice through unintelligible arguments and often staring blankly, mouth agape, as Trump lobbed one verbal attack after another. Biden froze up repeatedly and fumbled even some set-piece lines he had prepared in advance for the moment. When fielding a question about the national debt, his answer was incomprehensible as he seemed to suggest super-rich Americans should pay more taxes. "We'd be able to help make sure that all those things we need to do—childcare, elder care, making sure that we continue to strengthen our healthcare system, making sure that we're able to make every single solitary person eligible for what I've been able to do with the—with, with, with the COVID. Excuse me, with dealing with everything we have to do with—look, if—we finally beat Medicare."


The contents of the article were no more friendly to the Biden team than the cover.

Perhaps that is true, but why would voters want to elect a POTUS who can't even out fox party bosses? How could that person stand up to China or North Korea?


It really was, but sometimes the truth hurts.


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