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Michelle Obama Has Been Absent from the Biden Campaign Circuit and the Rumor Mill is Churning

Democratic National Convention via AP

Oh, the rumors are getting juicy! Apparently, there may be a reason America hasn't seen Michelle Obama on the campaign trail for Biden and it is very personal.


Apparently, Michelle Obama is a girl's girl and practicing girl code. If you ignore her friend, she will ignore you.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama privately has expressed frustration over how the Biden family largely exiled her close friend Kathleen Buhle after Buhle's messy divorce from Hunter Biden, two people familiar with the relationship told Axios.

Why it matters: The family tensions — and the former first lady's disdain for partisan politics — are partly why one of the Democrats' most popular voices hasn't campaigned for President Biden's re-election, the sources said, even as former President Obama has been a willing surrogate.

  • Michelle Obama also was initially reluctant to campaign for Biden after he became the Democratic nominee in 2020, people familiar with the situation told Axios.
  • Biden's team says the relationship between the families is strong, pointing to public displays of camaraderie that continue today. But the sources told Axios that the relationship changed in 2015.
  • That was when then-Vice President Biden was weighing a presidential run, and President Obama was not encouraging it.
  • It also was the year Biden's son Beau died of cancer, setting off years of tumult within the family that included Hunter Biden and Buhle's divorce in 2017.

Who could blame Michelle for siding with Hunter's ex after seeing all the stuff he was up to?

I mean, the Obamas are wrong about a whole lot of things, but that is one area where they are right.

If grandparents aren't loyal to their own grandchildren, how can they be expected to be loyal to anyone?


It's almost like the Bidens are enablers who never make Hunter take responsibility for his own actions.

This is another theory. Tonight's debate will show the world what Biden can do. Right now, the bar is on the ground so time will tell if he can even step over it without tripping.


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