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Tweeps Hilariously Seize on Today's Supreme Court Language to Declare the REAL Name of Elon's Platform

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

At Twitchy, we have some excellent coverage of all the Supreme Court goings on. One important word choice by the Supreme Court today really means more than any other decision here in these 'Twitchy' parts.


Elon doing his level best to rename this app and the public, and now the courts, are not having it. Twitter is Twitter and it will always be.

Obviously, there is no higher court, so this is the final word. (This is clearly just a joke as Elon can name his platform whatever he wants. Tweeps and judges just refuse to accept it). 

For this one time, they were exactly right, so we will let it go.

Even Elon makes a mistake every once in a while.


He is criminally under followed. 

Some tweeps take Twitter jokes way too seriously. Lighten up and have some fun.

Of course, you should stay right here and read 'Twitchy' for all of the latest decisions.


That's what is called 'burying the lede'.

For some of us, they never were off the menu. Heh.

Just to be sure, it should only be called 'Twitter' from here on out.  One does not want to run afoul of the law.


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