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Actor Chris Hemsworth Praised His Wife for Her Support and Immediately the Butker Comparisons Began

David James/Warner Bros. Entertainment via AP

For days, crazed Leftists have crafted multiple think pieces about Harrison Butker's praise of his wife, motherhood and home making during a commencement speech to other conservative Christians. It's ridiculous. He may be about to get some reprieve thanks to Chris Hemsworth.


Hemsworth made the mistake of thanking his wife and publicly stating he was able to be successful because of what she was doing behind the scenes. Shock and awe must commence. Please pass the smelling salts. 

They all need to head to a drum circle where their menses will all sync as they dance around a fire.

It's like the conservative Jumanji box has been opened and Butker and Hemsworth escaped. 


Just give them time.

Someone should have warned him.

Sorry, there is no room for nuance and wisdom in this debate. You must be mistaken.

A perfect example of someone who only heard what they wanted to hear from Butker. Butker never said a woman should be forced to be in her home or caring for children. He simply said it was a rewarding life and it is.


Don't give them any ideas.

It's a lovely sentiment and any wife would be honored to hear their husband say such kind words.

Let's just ignore them.


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