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Americans Deserve to Know the Identifications of the Two Jordanian Men who Attempted to Breach Quantico

AP Photo/Steve Helber

Yesterday, Griff Jenkins published a startling report about two Jordanian men who attempted to enter a US Marine Corps Base. My Dad was Army Retired so I have done my share of entering various bases. When we traveled, my Dad liked to go look at the bases in the area particularly if they had nice RV parking like MacDill AFB, but I digress. I always got nervous entering because we had to make sure we all had our identification and didn't look guilty. The guy letting us in had a gun, for goodness sake. I can't imagine trying to breach Quantico. These men obviously had nefarious reasons to even attempt that.

So, one of them entered the US illegally and the other stayed here illegally. With all that known, they still are protecting their ID for 'privacy'. Why is that? Unless these are juveniles, why do they deserve to keep their names out of the news? What is DHS hiding? If US citizens break the law and are adults, their ID is released as well as their mug shot, very often.

I'm not the only one really bugged by it. I want to know why people trespassing in our country and then trying to get in Quantico, for goodness sake, are extended the courtesy of protecting their name? What is going on? It's almost like they are afraid of independent journalists getting hold of the name and then figuring out links to certain progressive organizations or big name donors. Americans deserve the names.

Furthermore, why is DHS ignoring the laws Congress makes? For 28 years, through both Democratic and Republican administrations, this has been a demand of Congress. It has not happened,  yet there is no consequence. This should be a priority of the next Trump administration (hopefully).

It should be a number one story and the identifications of the two persons should be released.

By the way, it is also against the law to overstay your visa, which was the case with the other defendant. In fact, I purchased property from a family who accidentally overstayed their visa. They had hired what they thought was an immigration attorney handling their citizenship. She did not (and was eventually convicted of impersonating a lawyer), but because the family had overstayed their visa, they were told they could not apply again for seven years and they had to leave the country immediately. This is a family who had opened a business, had children in school, owned real estate, had no criminal record and were contributing to the community. So the overstay and the border crosser are both CRIMINALS who tried to get into Quantico and should serve a lengthy jail sentence in America and then be deported. Their names should be released just as if they were any other criminal, because they are.

Refusing to release the identity tells me this is going to be very bad when all the details are known.

Americans are being lied to and information is being withheld in this story. Congress should demand to know more and the White House Press Corps should not shut up about this. This is all they should talk about. Something is very fishy and the press owes it to their readers to figure out what is going on.


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