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Obama Weirdly Congratulates Biden on His 200th Judge Mostly Selected Based on Skin Color or Gender

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

It is well known Obama loves to be divisive and constantly harps on race and sex. Today's post was no exception.


Forget experience and competence. Now, all that is matters is the color of skin and what is between your legs.

Qualified? What a concept!

Welcome to the club!

He is a world class con artist. Many people fell for his lies. Don't feel bad.

Never forget who is the actual racist.


It really should make Americans wonder. 

He is one of the worst Presidents to ever happen to this country and definitely to race relations. It was all very intentional .


Federal judges are now doing the job of Congress. What is even the point of them anymore?

This is why 2024 is so very important.

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