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Claire McCaskill Claims Fellow Grocery Shopper Begged Her to Stop Trump from Returning to White House

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

At one time, Claire McCaskill was a Congresswoman. The GOP had a not great candidate and she managed to win the race. Thankfully, the GOP regrouped and she lost her next race. She is still dying for attention and decided to share this grocery store story.


First of all, Claire seems like an 'Instacart' kind of lady. No one believes she is actually doing her own shopping.

Also, no one is recognizing her in public. She is overestimating her popularity.


Democrats begging Claire to assure them they'll block Trump from office if he wins is very telling.

Deep inside, most wealthy people want Trump back in office because the economy was much better. Let's be honest.

The Boomer Libs drinking green juice and going on parasite cleanses.

If you are wearing an expensive watch, make sure you still have it when you walk away.


The need for therapy is astronomical.

Claire just revealed what SHE hopes will happen if Trump wins. SHE hopes Democrats will keep him out of office no matter the will of the American voters. They are always ready to do what they accuse Republicans of contemplating.

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