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John Kirby Engages in Word Play But Admits the Biden Administration is Withholding Weapons to Israel

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

This seems like a pretty stunning admission. In a press conference today, John Kirby admitted there was a 'pause' on weapons shipments to Israel and the 'pause' is still happening. Change the receiving country to Ukraine and that is what Trump was IMPEACHED over.


Ahhh ... that's like telling your mortgage company you are not in arrears, you are just pausing your payments to them..

It makes one wonder whose side the Biden administration is on.

Heh! That will go over like a lead balloon. 


Mostly the manure is the words coming out of his mouth.

Oh, yes! Of course, that's the problem.

The hostages certainly do not have time. Hamas is killing hostages. They must be rescued.

Unfortunately, what he is saying is terrifying. America is 'pausing' assistance to an ally.


It actually sounds like an answer meant to appease the very far left.

They are right when they think their voters are dumb. They voted for Joe Biden, after all.

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