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Father of Hadid Sisters Caught Sending Bigoted Messages to Congressman Torres Over Israel Support

AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib

In another story of 'you can safely support anything and be praised EXCEPT Israel', we bring you the crazy story of millionaire Mohamed Hadid and his harassment of Congressman Ritchie Torres. Hadid is also the father of Gigi and Bella Hadid, super famous models with huge followings of their own.


It’s not model behavior. 

Luxury real estate developer Mohamed Hadid — father of nepobaby models Bella and Gigi — has spent months bombarding Rep. Ritchie Torres with dozens of racist and homophobic messages, according to screenshots obtained by The Post. 

The progressive Democrat apparently become a target for Hadid in the wake of his outspoken defense of Israel after Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre. 

The Hadids are Palestinian and Mohamed is reportedly living in a $4.5 million “cottage” in Beverly Hills. 

As a reminder, Congressman Torres is not a Republican. He is a Democrat. His crime in Hadid's eyes consists solely of supporting Israel. 

“You worse than the rats of New York sewage system. They have bigger brains than you. You might get a job as bouncer at gay bar,” Hadid, 75, told Torres in an Instagram direct message sent from his verified account — adding the Congressman was a “slave to whites.”

What a nice guy.

“Make sure you dress as KKK to hide that ugly gray colored face of yours,” the developer added. “I know about Bronx.”

Torres, 36, made history in 2021 when he became the first openly gay African American, and first openly gay Hispanic member, of Congress.

“You are just unusual Black and colorful mouth for Israeli and AIPAC and looking for payday of over 500K,”  Hadid saId in another message, referring to the  American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel lobbying group.


Weird because it almost sounds like Hadid is the one who could be part of the KKK and not Torres.

Mohamed Hadid has a long history of bigoted social media ranting.

Just weeks after the Oct. 7 terror attack on Israeli civilians, Hadid compared Israelis to Nazis, and last month blasted President Biden on Instagram as a “Zionist criminal” who would be hunted down like “the Nazis.” 

Bella and Gigi Hadid have also been outspoken in support of the Palestinian cause. 

Bella marched in behalf of her brethren during protests in 2021. 

His daughters are almost as wrong and problematic as him. They just happen to be very attractive and so they can get away with it. They are partly responsible for turning young people against Israel as they have such significant and rabid followings.

True. It is just much more out in the open now.


Between this and threatening students at Columbia, it is becoming clear they are feeling very emboldened. That should terrify America.

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