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GROSS! Chris Cillizza absolutely SWOONS over the new bad boy behavior of John Fetterman

AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

In the category of 'latest fan fiction about John Fetterman', please give 'journalist' Chris Cillizza an award. 


When the President of the country is barely lucid, any sign of life within the Democratic party is worthy of celebration.

To be fair, he probably just read what someone else typed on his tablet.

A senator behaving like a toddler and refusing to wear church clothes because they are 'itchy' is all it takes to impress the press these days.

Maybe his new meds are helping him to actually have a personality since he seemed to be an empty shell upon being sworn into the Senate.


Apparently, if he can wear shorts, it helps him hear better. Who knew?

Absolutely! Surely, Chris would also be impressed if a Republican refused to wear itchy clothes to the Senate and instead demanded to wear athletic wear. Surely, he isn't just rooting for a Democrat because he's an 'impartial and unbiased' journalist, right?


The more likely explanation but that does not sound as tough. Chris is in the business of writing the preferred narrative for the DNC.

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