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Ohio lawmaker tries to zing Chip Roy but quickly finds out he came for the KING and missed

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Whenever a 'government shutdown' is looming, weak kneed politicians start getting very nervous about the upcoming 'crisis' that may bring. Other politicians insist the only way to get big government to behave is to sometimes refuse to fund their antics. Those two sides often butt heads. Today, Ohio Representative Dave Joyce went on CNN and threw out a few insults at Representative Chip Roy of Texas. You can watch it here.

While it's true Representative Chip Roy was the Chief of Staff to Senator Cruz, I think most Republicans can agree they were trying to save America from a disastrous program with every lever of power available to them.

I am not a fan of Obamacare or any of its iterations, nor am I a fan of the 'marketplace', so America would have been way better off if other Republicans would have held the line as well.

That sounds like an amazing outcome to me and is sure preferable to not controlling the Senate like right now.

Boom! The shutdown worked just fine. The legislators who didn't support it were the problem.

What a summary! The question is will we have a nation with a border, or will we continue to allow Democrats to ignore the border and further enable flooding our country with millions of unknown illegal immigrants?

How about we keep the billions here, help struggling Americans and close our borders. Until Democrats are ready to make that a priority, shut it all down.


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