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DeSantis diagnoses San Francisco's problems but the Mayor hates the medicine

Recently, California politicians have been obsessed with engaging in political sparring matches with Ron DeSantis. Ostensibly, they are angry Californians are leaving their state en masse and moving to Florida. San Francisco Mayor Breed was clearly upset DeSantis pointed out the drugs and feces in the streets, and shot back with her own retort.


Um, her solution for drug use, homelessness and people using her streets as sewers, is to suggest studying climate change and ChatGPT. Just wow.

Clearly, she is talking in riddles and twitter isn't catching the punch line.

That sounds like a bunch of steps and hard work. Mayor Breed would rather just carry climate change signs on Earth Day.


She clearly has no intention of actually addressing root causes so the chances of improvement are slim to none.

Sometimes, if it rains in Southern Carolina, people decide to to get drunk and poop in the street, apparently. Who knew?

She would have a hard time denying reality like the 'poop map'. That tweet was epic.

Governor DeSantis and his communications team really know how to get under the skin of those folks running California.

Touche! A leftist climate change actually could clean up the streets of San Francisco. Unfortunately, Breed likely hasn't made that connection.


Oof! What is the definition of insanity? The politics in California are an example of voters enabling a politicians addicted to stupid.

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