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Tim Pool calls out DeSantis War Room for recent Trump ad and tweeps quickly choose sides

Two days ago, DeSantis War Room posted a video touting the relationship between Trump and Fauci. The video decries the centering of Fauci during the Trump administration and wonders aloud why Trump didn’t ‘fire him’ like he used to do on his popular reality show.


The video received about 2 million views, but one part of the video drew the attention of writers at The Verge.

The article explains 3 of the 5 images in a segment of the video seem to be AI generated, including one where Trump appears to kiss Fauci on the cheek in greeting.

Popular Media Host, Tim Pool, was particularly vocal about his outrage at the inclusion of the images and compared it to something the Biden campaign might stoop to.


Remember, when the fake Emergency Broadcast signal was sent and woke up all of Florida at 4 am and DeSantis fired the responsible individual? You never know what may be the outcome here.

Many tweeps agreed with Pool. They shared his sentiment these images went too far and at the end of the day, were an unfair depiction.

Even some Republican elected officials added their voice in condemnation of the ads. Vance, a Senator from Ohio, was himself endorsed by Trump and has already endorsed Trump in the Presidential race.


Some twitter users felt Vance was being a bit one sided in his disapproval, and asked why he didn’t similarly scold the Trump campaign.

Spaces host and Media commentator, Ian Miles Cheong, pointed out the hypocrisy he noted in the outrage.


While some disagreed with use of the AI images in practice, they also pointed out the times the Trump team has spread altered or deep fake materials of DeSantis.

Pool responded to those retorts with a sarcastic tweet disavowing those media creations as well. Clearly, he believes that  specific media was so bizarre, a voter would never actually believe it. The question remains then, why would voters actually believe Trump hugged Fauci or kissed him on the cheek? Many tweeps found that belief equally scurrilous.

Still other tweeps reminded Pool of the video Trump released of Chris Christie at an all night buffet this week. This video is also altered and there was little push back to it.

Other long time fans believe Pool isn’t actually upset about this at all, and it is just an opportunity to start conversation and debate. If that is indeed his intention, mission accomplished!


Of course, we can always find at least one voice of reason on Twitter. This user said it perfectly. All campaigns need to prepare for it, and hopefully, all campaigns will keep it to a minimum. By the same token, readers must be careful what they consume and believe. Caveat emptor always applies. Always be skeptical and check your sources as this is shaping up to be a wild political season.

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