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DeSantis' visit to the border today causes Twitter to mock the Biden administration

This morning, it was announced presidential hopeful, Ron DeSantis, will make a visit to the border for his first time as a candidate. It was widely speculated this may happen during his swing through Texas and Arizona this week, and many of his supporters cheered this decision. Obviously, our southern border is a mess and the feckless Biden administration likes it that way.


DeSantis will meet with local Sheriffs today during his border visit. He is also bringing along Florida Attorney Ashley Moody, and Florida Sheriffs Wayne Ivey and Grady Judd.

Leadership is certainly something Joe Biden has not shown, so this would definitely be a new development.


The country needs walls and laws that are actually enforced. Our border agents also need the authority to actually protect our borders.

Apparently, the job of “Immigration Czar” is ignore the problem at the border as hard as you can, just ask Kamala!

To be fair, no one in the current administration has been interested in it, so it makes sense why they are surprised.


Of course, not everyone can be a fan of a decision. This tweep wonders when Governor DeSantis plans on being back in his home state of Florida. Always a naysayer in the crowd. Stay tuned for more coverage of DeSantis’ trip later today.

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