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News site tries to gotcha DeSantis and Twitter rates them a rotten tomato

Last week, Governor DeSantis signed sweeping immigration policy in the state of Florida. Part of the new law imposes stiff penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants. As a result, some predict Florida will have a hard time finding labor to harvest crops.


Apparently, this news account thinks people are only good to work in fields, and their safety and wage protection is not an important human right.

This group clearly does not understand the weight of their words and the historical atrocities it invokes.

Another tweep offered the mechanized solution to the issue. Technology has come a long way and apparently this account doesn’t google.


Exactly. The left doesn’t see people as human beings worthy of dignity. They are simply labor to them.

The best part? This video was not even filmed in the US. That’s quite the self own.

Take a few moments and look it up and, indeed, Florida has lots of beaches, but no mountains. Snicker.

The fact they think “who will pick our vegetables and clean our toilets” is a good argument is startling.

These people are willing to risk the sovereignty of our borders and the safety of their fellow citizens to ensure a ready and easy supply of cheap labor. What a maddening thought.


There is a reason others are not saying it out loud. That reason is it’s racist and elitist and also robs people of their humanity.

Indeed, it was. The lack of self awareness on the Left is pretty incredible.

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