The Republican argument for tax cuts is based on the idea that people should be able to decide how to use the money that they earn.

Today, one Obama supporter thought he could turn that line of thinking against Republicans by threatening to take his money and donate it to the political opposition. The expected response appears to be either a conservative change of heart (“people shouldn’t be allowed to have tax cuts if they’re going to donate to Obama!”), or the spontaneous combustion of Republicans once they realize their tax philosophy’s paradoxical nature.

Unfortunately, while the Left may feel it necessary to ensure people spend their money on the “correct” causes, the Right had no trouble dispatching the too-clever-by-half Obama supporter and his imaginary paradox.

Projection is alive and well. Because  Democrats prefer to spend people’s money for them (to ensure it is put toward “correct” causes), Republicans must be too!

As people pointed out, this couldn’t be farther from the mark:

Even for wedding gifts, indeed.