NBC Nightly News led off tonight’s program with a report on the House Oversight Committee’s contempt vote over Attorney General Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious stonewalling. Covering that event presented a bit of a problem, though, as the network had refused to report on the growing scandal for a year and a half.  This likely left viewers scratching their heads and wondering what anchor Brian Williams was talking about (a fact he alluded to in his lead-in to the story).

The self-imposed awkwardness that resulted was noted by several in the online community, who scolded and ridiculed NBC and Williams for their report and for their previous refusal to mention the scandal.

That’s too funny! And, unfortunately, it’s probably too true.

Even this “binky for the left” network has now been forced to report on Fast and Furious. Who knows? Maybe some NBC viewers will start to wonder how much faith they should place in a network that spent a year and a half ignoring a scandal that just led to the attorney general being found in contempt by a House committee.

Update/Correction: We thank Mary Chastain for reminding us that NBC News covered Fast and Furious for a whopping 30 seconds last week. Chastain notes, “No background information was given about the operation and no mention was made of how it led to the deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and over 300 Mexicans.”