Up until earlier today, that had been Beth Myers’ only tweet on twitter.  She burst back on to the scene today with two tweets that caught the attention of everyone on Twitter.

Simple #FF suggestions or something more?  It didn’t take long for Twitter to catch on to what might be a not-so-subtle clue into whom the Romney campaign is vetting as a possible Vice President choices.

Of course, as with the primaries, people could not help but toss out their personal favorites for VP as well.

Could it be a possible VP list or just a ploy to keep us all interested and talking?  The Romney campaign certainly has some momentum going, if the daily tracking polls are any indication.   Getting people talking about VP picks could entertain and possibly even energize the base heading into the eventual announcement.

Who do you think Governor Romney’s choice will be?  Is that person even on the list above?  Or was it just a way to get us talking?