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'Let’s do this': Dana Loesch sets up Obamacare throwdown with Ed Schultz

After using Glenn Beck’s illness as a pretense to shill for Obamacare, Ed Schultz is spoiling for a fight with someone else from The Blaze. Dana Loesch called out Ed tonight and it looks like he doesn’t know much beyond the Democrat issued talking points. It looks like the Obamacare brawl is going to happen on Ed’s TV show tomorrow night.





Countless stories of people losing plans they were satisfied with and having to buy more expensive ones with options they don’t need. Just junk.

You’re way better off now, dude. You’re lucky that people like Ed Schultz are around to tell you what kind of insurance you really need.






Either he doesn’t really know how to use Twitter or he’s using a cheap ploy to make his followers think he has Dana intimidated.




We’re guessing that’s not the first time.




We can’t wait to see this.



 Douchebag Ed Schultz cheap shots Glenn Beck, his lefty minions pile on

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