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Race still too close to call but Bongino is making an impact win or lose

The Congressional race in Maryland’s 6th district is so close right now that absentee ballots need to be counted before a winner can be declared. That in itself is a stunning accomplishment for the Republican Dan Bongino.


Middle class Republican Bongino finds himself in a dead heat with multi-millionaire—and Tom Steyer crony— John Delaney in a district carved out for Democrats. The 6th district was a solid Republican stronghold for decades, but prior to the 2012 elections the district was gerrymandered in order to steal that seat for Democrats. Instead of a solid block of rural western Maryland, MD-6 now meanders south into very liberal Montgomery County. Delaney defeated the incumbent Republican in 2012 by double digits.

Bongino is articulate, passionate, and brutally honest at times about individual liberty and the free market. He’s no favorite of establishment Republicans and he received little if any help from the party at large. He was all but ignored by local media. His success is due to his own determination and hard work and that of the people he’s inspired to join his team—both inside and outside Maryland.  They feel he personifies the change the GOP desperately needs.



What conclusions are people drawing from Bongino’s movement?

Nailed it.

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