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John Durant compares coverage of Rotherham abuse vs Jennifer Lawrence nudes

You would think that erudite progressive sites like Jezebel and Slate would eschew the “war on women” angle for tacky celebrity scandals about nude pictures—especially when there’s a story out there about sexual abuse run rampant. Rotherham child sex scandal case of ‘not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat’


Author and Paleo lifestyle guru John Durant took a look at how their coverage broke down.

Jezebel had one story about Rotherham.

Jez Rotherham

But the Jennifer Lawrence story? Jackpot.

Jez Jlaw

Durant took the same look at

Slate stories on Rotherham? One.

Slate Rotherham

But look out.

Slate Jlaw


So progressives are virtually ignoring large scale injustice because of capitalism? That’s priceless.





Rotherham child sex scandal case of ‘not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat’

Rotherham abuse whistleblower reportedly ‘booked on diversity course’ after raising concerns



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