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'Gutsy' Eric Boehlert attacks Fox's James Rosen for 'smear' against US soldier

Proper contractions be damned! Eric is throwing some red meat to his Fox-hating proglodyte minions and getting lots of payoff.


(Not everyone has the “chops” to get 43 followers with an account named for a dead porn star.)

Eric’s army of doofuses seems to have a lot of hostility for people who treat military men with disrespect.


We’re wondering if they remember that time Boehlert called Navy SEALS “gutless.”

Oh yes. (Twitchy is forever.)

Be sure to take a walk down memory lane with #GutsyEricBoehlert.

How does Eric Boehlert sleep at night knowing he’s a grown man whose job is just to fake outrage over anything reported on a cable news channel?



#GutsyEricBoehlert: Soros monkey Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert calls Navy SEALs gutless

‘Head of the glue sniffers’ Eric Boehlert sneers at calls for Shinseki to be fired over VA scandal

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