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Former CNN personality bashes Catholics, expresses contempt for all religion, especially Islam

Some of you might remember Charles Jaco from CNN during Operation Desert Storm c. 1991. Think Charles would have been brave enough to say that publicly back when he was reporting from Saudi Arabia?


Later someone tweeted a link to an old transcript of Ed Schultz’s radio show in which Ed asks Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead about having an abortion.

Charles saw that as an opportunity to do some Catholic bashing.

Yesterday he referred to God this way:

Jaco likes to spend his free time threatening to sue bloggers for suggesting he faked his video during Operation Desert Storm and antagonizing “tea baggers,” because he’s one of those objective unbiased journalists.

He apparently does have some religious leanings of his own despite the hostile atheist schtick.

All glory to St. Al Gore of the Holy Hockey Stick.



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