Of course it’s misleading. That’s what Michael Moore does. He uses whatever logical fallacy he can to promote his misguided socialist ideals.

The Michael Moore formula starts with a false premise.

False premise: Michael Brown’s death was punishment for the act of stealing cigars. Had he not attacked a police officer, he would have been arrested and assuming his trial wasn’t outsourced to Saudi Arabia, he certainly would not have received the death penalty.

Then Moore starts to build an argument upon his initial false premise.

Brown was shot for a petty theft but criminals who stole more were not, therefore injustice. Moore exploits the emotions of people upset over the Brown shooting in an attempt to sway them on a completely unrelated issue.

He’s not confused. He’s running a con.

Finally he ups the ante with more emotional imagery and he’s zeroed in on his true audience.

Fortunately not everyone is fooled.

He’ll just make money off the people who fall for his scam.


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