This article probably started out as an attempt to show that nature intends for us all to be good little lock step socialists, but it doesn’t seem like the Mother Jones writer grasps the real implications of this “science.”

Mother Jones reports on studies conducted at Yale University using who knows how much of the taxpayers’ hard earned money.

Interestingly, as the toddlers get a little older, this sense of fairness seems to morph into pure egalitarianism—at least when it comes to distributing other people’s stuff. “There’s a lot of research suggesting that when it comes to divvying up resources that strangers possess, they are socialists—they like to share things equally,” says Bloom.

But wait. There’s more:

But what happens when the children being studied are themselves the lucky recipient of the extra resources? Well, that changes everything. “So, they’re very egalitarian when it comes to other people,” says Bloom. “When it comes to themselves, they’re not the slightest bit egalitarian. Particularly when dealing with strangers, they want everything.” So while babies do seem to have an innate capacity to separate good from evil, their moral lives are still fairly limited. “Babies are kind of jerks,” Bloom says.

So basically, Democrats are people whose moral development halted while they were still in diapers. That explains SO much.

Interestingly, the article makes little to no mention of parents’ influence, religious faith or other sort of moral formation in the home. It’s like the babies are just lab animals with no life beyond the scientists’ tests. It doesn’t take a village. It takes a lab assistant.

But they must. They buy into all the global warming stuff after all.



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