The extreme leftist Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) claim to fame is accusing anyone to the right of Nancy Pelosi of being part of a “hate group.”

You may recall that the SPLC’s “hate map” was used by Floyd Corkins when he attempted to commit mass murder at the offices of the Family Research Council.

Family Research Council shooter pleads guilty, intended to kill ‘as many as possible’

Today the SPLC is using the recent failures of the U.S. Secret Service to stoke fears of extremist right wing plots to kill the President.

Richard Cohen, the president of SPLC writes:

Nothing in his political record remotely supports the characterization of Obama as anything but a mainstream politician, of course, but the purveyors of extremist propaganda have found a robust market for it on the country’s reactionary right, including fringe elements of the Tea Party. To this segment of the American public, Obama is more than a left-of-center president. He symbolizes the changing face of America, the growing diversity that will result in non-Hispanic whites losing their majority status around the year 2043 – and with it, perhaps, white hegemony.

“Mainstream politicians” usually attempt to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” right?  And yes the people who have flocked to support Allen West, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, Susana Martinez, Tim Scott, Bobby Jindal, etc…. are all obviously very concerned with maintaining “white hegemony.”


The U.S. Secret Service’s flubs seem to have started under Julia Pierson’s leadership. Maybe President Obama forgot to ask her what news channel she prefers before hiring her.



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Family Research Council shooter pleads guilty, intended to kill ‘as many as possible’

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