The video doesn’t appear to capture the actual beating of the protester.  It begins with the camouflaged protestor already flat on the sidewalk when a large man in a dark suit walks over and kicks the protester forcefully. The man then quickly walks across the street. The protester tries to get up and walk away but is clearly disoriented and/or injured

Time Magazine reports that the State Department is asking for a waiver of diplomatic immunity in order to prosecute those responsible for the beating.

“We have communicated our concern to the delegation from the Democratic Republic of Congo in the strongest possible terms,” the State Department statement continued. “We have requested a waiver of immunity to permit those involved to face prosecution. If it is not granted, we will ask that they leave the United States immediately.”

President Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo was in Washington this week for the meeting of African leaders hosted by the Obama Administration. The Congolese government does not have a strong track record with regard to human rights.

We’re guessing the odds are pretty slim that any waiver will be granted.

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