50 cars in six months.

The U.S. media may be baffled but people who know what it’s like living under communism are not.

Jazz artist Arturo Sandoval is known for his virtuoso performances, primarily on the trumpet, but his life story is equally compelling. Sandoval defected to the United States from communist Cuba with the assistance of Dizzy Gillespie in 1990 and is now a naturalized citizen of the United States.  He knows of what he speaks.

The Cuban government graciously lifted the requirement to obtain a special government permit to buy a car from a state run dealership. The problem is that no one can afford to buy one. Fox News reports:

A new Peugeot family car that listed for $262,000 in Havana would cost $53,000 in the United Kingdom, for example, while a compact Kia Rio hatchback that starts at $13,600 in the United States was on offer for $42,000 in Cuba.

No word as of yet from Michael Moore.


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