Today, the bystander in chief jetted off to Chicago, the political swamp from whence he came. He was in the land of Blagojevich to complain about Republicans and rake in a lot of cash for Democrats like Dick Durbin.

It’s ok because Obama has gotten used to butt sniffing from his dealings with the White House Press Corps.

Axis of Weasels.

Presidential visits are always a workaday commuter’s dream.

That they feel they need to “lure black voters” is a good sign perhaps.

At least Freeman can act presidential when the role calls for it.

“Climate change” because…

…”warming” is a hard sell right now.

What? He forgot the Koch brothers?

Actually we have it on good authority that the real reason for the trip was just to troll Jonah Goldberg.

Say hi to Durbin for us!

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