It’s really good to know that the Secretary of Energy’s staff has time to surf “The Onion” during work hours, but it’s disturbing that they think they may have found something valid there.

They’re not the only greenies doing it either.

You know that last guy is a totally super-legit enviro-warrior because he’s shouting through a bullhorn in his avatar.

Let’s break down this lame joke they’re all trumpeting as sage wisdom.

Stating that they just want to make sure it’s something everyone keeps in mind going forward, an international consortium of scientists gently reminded the world Wednesday that clean energy technologies are pretty much ready to go anytime. “We’ve got solar, wind, geothermal—we’re all set to move forward with this stuff whenever everyone else is,” said Dr. Sandra Eakins…

Sorry, we couldn’t detect the humor over the din of your unwarranted smug.

“Again, we’re good to go on this end, so just let us know. You seriously should see these new hydrogen fuel cells we have. Anyway, just say the word, and we’ll start rolling it out.”

Do these enviro-nauts actually think that this is what scientists do—”rolling out” technology like they work for S.T.A.R. Labs or something?  It’s kinda cute how they skip from lab coated scientists right to worldwide mass production. Engineering? Raw materials? Marketing? Economic feasibility? Bah. Gaia craves not such things. It’s funny, until you realize that these people are in charge.



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