According to President Obama’s friends at Organizing For Action, Americans should be grateful that big, bad insurance companies can’t rescind our health insurance coverage like they used to do before Obamacare.

Let’s review:

1) rescission is still legal in the United States.

2) rescission has always been extremely rare, even before Obamacare in 2009 and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Meanwhile, breast cancer patient Kelly Bachi is about to lose her current coverage, thanks to Obamacare:

“I’m scared. I’m in the middle of my cancer treatment, and if my insurance ends, I’m going to have to cancel the rest of my treatment,” said Kelly Bachi, an Oklahoma boat repair business owner who has breast cancer and is covered through a [high-risk] pool.

Cancer treatment without insurance would cost her about $500,000, she said.

Bachi has not been able to enroll via the federal website, although not for lack of trying. She attempted to sign up half a dozen times and was eventually able to create an account but was later blocked from accessing the account.

In short, OFA decries a “problem” that largely never existed, while ignoring thousands of real people like Kelly Bachi who are at risk of having crucial treatments interrupted. That’s how the Left rolls.


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