New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof once showed signs of intelligent life when in the wake of this New England Journal of Medicine article, he warned his fellow liberals not to oversell the benefits of health insurance:

Well, you can forget all about that now, as today’s column pretty much argues that health insurance is the sine qua non of good health. Kristof proves it by citing an anecdote from Oregon — the same state that was featured in the NEJM study. Here’s the seldom-spoken MSM rule about Obamacare analysis: Anecdotes mean nothing when conservatives cite them, but constitute ironclad proof when liberals do so (even if the anecdotes are B.S.).

Anyway, everyone knows the NEJM is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, right Nick?

But that’s not all. If you like your canceled health insurance policy, Kristof wants you to know that you will soon be able to get an even better plan:

[T]o those Republicans protesting Obamacare: You’re right that there are appalling problems with the website, but they will be fixed. Likewise, you’re right that President Obama misled voters when he said that everyone could keep their insurance plan because that’s now manifestly not true (although they will be able to get new and better plans, sometimes for less money).

(Emphasis added.)

Ain’t Obamacare grand?

Naturally, the column is getting a glowing reception at the White House:

Somehow, we don’t think Robert Laszewski and Dean Griffin will agree that they will be able to get better plans through Obamacare. Nor will thousands of other “stupid” Americans who for some mysterious reason seem to be less than thrilled about receiving cancellation letters.

But please don’t act surprised. Kristof is one of the most dishonest journos in the business … and considering the competition, that’s saying a lot. No wonder Administration officials love him so much.