No, he didn’t. But the false claim that George Zimmerman racially profiled a seven-year old back child has been floating around the Twittersphere for awhile now:

Earlier this month, The New Republic published an article in which a law professor repeated the falsehood:

… Zimmerman was an edgy basket case with a gun who had called 911 46 times in 15 months, once to report the suspicious activities of a seven year old black boy.

As Michelle N. Meyer notes, not all of those calls were to 911 (some were made to a non-emergency police number) and they were placed over a period of 7.5 years not 15 months. Most importantly,

Zimmerman’s call (to the non-emergency police number) regarding a seven-to-nine-year-old black boy was placed because Zimmerman was “concerned for [the] well being” of that child, who was walking unaccompanied on a busy street (see page 37).

From the police log:

concerned for well being

The New Republic revised the article in response to complaints. Here’s what it says now (the typo is in the original):

… Zimmerman was an edgy basket case with a gun who had called the polics 46 times in 15 months, once to report on a seven year old black boy.

Some “correction.”

Indeed. But what do you expect from the magazine that made Stephen Glass and Scott Thomas Beauchamp famous?


Well, would you look at that.

Here’s TNR’s new correction:

This article has been corrected. Zimmerman called various law enforcement officials 46 times, not just 911, as originally stated. He made the calls over an eight-year period, not over the course of 15 months, as originally stated. The original sentence also cited a call Zimmerman made about a seven-year-old boy; the clause has been removed as it implied that Zimmerman was reporting suspicious activity. It appears that Zimmerman made the call out of concern. We regret the errors.