You might think Republicans would be a little bit embarrassed to tout a poll from Public Policy Polling, a left-leaning pollster. But, no. The tweet above won a RT from Sen. Marco Rubio’s chief of staff, Cesar Conda:

cesar conda RT

Get a load of the question wording:

There is bipartisan immigration reform legislation being debated in Washington. The bill would secure our borders, block employers from hiring undocumented immigrants, and make sure that undocumented immigrants already in the U.S. with no criminal record register for legal status. If a long list of  requirements is met over more than a decade, it provides eligibility for a path to citizenship. Would you support or oppose this proposal?

It hardly comes as a surprise that most Americans want to secure our borders. Unfortunately, the Gang of Eight bill will not do so.

Many of the other items in the Gang of Eight proposal’s “long list of requirements” appear bogus as well.


Conda responds:


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