Fox News host Geraldo Rivera has been feeling really sorry for his Muslim “brothers and sisters” in the wake of the Boston marathon bombings.

Yesterday, he said that the arrest of Texas paramedic Bryce Reed, a first responder at the West, Texas, fertilizer factory explosion, was “under-reported” although the story was covered by USA TodayReuters, the Daily MailFox NewsNBC NewsABC NewsCBS News, and the Los Angeles Times. Heck, even little Twitchy covered the story.

Now Geraldo, apparently aiming to clarify that tweet, says Reed’s arrest would have been a “much bigger” story if Reed were Muslim.

“We judge [Muslims] more harshly,” said Geraldo. (This is a guy, remember, who immediately blamed the Boston bombing on “homegrown anarchists.”)

A couple of points to keep in mind here :

1) Law-enforcement authorities have not yet connected Reed’s arrest to the plant explosion in West, Texas.  Unlike Geraldo, the MSM is waiting for the facts before jumping to conclusions.

2) As far as we know, Reed has not (yet) been linked to any terrorist or militia group.

Given that, the amount of media coverage seems more or less appropriate.

Twitter users get it:

Most of our readers probably remember Timothy McVeigh, the nut job who was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. There was no shortage of media interest in that story.

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