How cozy. Liberal MSNBC mouthpiece Meghan Meghan, posing as the spokesperson for Tolerant Young Republicans, got an attagirl from 40-something Hollywood starlet and Obama donor Kristin Chenoweth.

Conservatives reached for their barf bags.

Meggie Mac and K-Chen have been pals for quite a while now.


Funny thing about Mizzz McCain losing her marbles over cheater Mark Sanford’s marriage hypocrisy, though.

Yep. Like Mark Sanford, Sen. McCain was unfaithful to his (first) wife and also opposes gay marriage. He is, in other words, the archetype of the hypocritical Republican that McCain and Chenoweth say they despise.

Despite that, exit polling indicates that a lot of young people voted for Sen. McCain in his most recent Senate campaign:

vote by age

Admittedly, that was two and a half years ago. Attitudes about gay marriage have become more favorable since then.

If exit polls for the South Carolina CD-01 race are released, it will be interesting to see how Mark Sanford performed among young voters and whether gay marriage was a major consideration.

In any case, it seems clear most voters had other things in mind at the polls than the giggly Hollywood/lib GOP elite gal pals’ gay marriage obsession.

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Meghan McCain: ‘Any Republican who voted for Sanford but is against gay marriage is a hypocrite’; Update: Does McCain consider her dad a hypocrite?

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Pollsters have asked Americans (not young people, specifically) about their top priorities for Congress and the President. Some results here:

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