To add insult to injury, Reynolds (aka Instapundit aka “The Blogfather“) had agreed to give the speech free of charge:

Moreover, Reynolds’ speech was about Internet activism, not gay rights.

Does the Republican Party really want to tell libertarians they are unwelcome in the party, that their views on social issues are so repulsive they cannot be permitted to speak on any subject at Republican-sanctioned events?

Not only is this bad politics on the part of whoever invited Reynolds (a “small tent” policy?), it’s also just plain bad manners.

It’s still unclear who exactly was responsible for this fiasco. State Party Chair Thomas Wright wasn’t aware of the incident until tweeters brought it to his attention earlier today.

After he learned of the disinvitation, Wright expressed interest in bringing Reynolds to the state:

Smart move.

* * *

Update: It was the Utah County Republican Party that disinvited Reynolds.