Four days ago, Erik Loomis, an assistant professor of American history at the University of Rhode Island, retweeted the above tweet. In case it disappears down the memory hole, here’s a .jpg captured for posterity:

erik loomis RT

That was just one of Loomis’ many angry, profane tweets/retweets bashing pro-gun organizations and individuals such as NRA chief Wayne LaPierre in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting massacre in Newtown, Conn.

He calls it an “intimidation campaign” when websites such as Campus Reform, quote what he said about Wayne LaPierre:

He backs away from his “head on a stick” comment but doubles down on his view that Wayne LaPierre should be imprisoned:

Even when not addressing guns,  Loomis seems to have significant anger and anxiety issues:

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the need for access to mental health services. We hope Loomis seeks the help he so obviously needs. (Update: Lots more angry tweets here.)

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Update, 1:22 pm ET: Loomis defends his “head on a stick” comment in a blog post. (It’s OK because it was a metaphor, you see.) He mentions in passing that he had “a meeting with the Rhode Island State Police last night.”

Still no defense of his pro-murder retweet.

Question: Does Loomis advocate the assassination of the Governor of Virginia?

As of 1:44 pm ET Loomis’ pro-murder retweet is still up.

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Update, 3:14 pm ET: Loomis has deleted his Twitter account. The tweets he doesn’t want you to see are here.

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University of Rhode Island president Dr. David M. Dooley has issued a statement on behalf of the school:

The University of Rhode Island does not condone acts or threats of violence. These remarks do not reflect the views of the institution and Erik Loomis does not speak on behalf of the University. The University is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive and equitable culture that aspires to promote positive change.


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