Until today, it was easy to view Instagram photos within a Twitter timeline. Just click on “view media” and the Instagram photo would appear. Like magic!

Alas, those days are over:

 As first reported by some Twitter users, and picked up by TechCrunch’s Leena Rao, it seems that some Twitter users can no longer view Instagram pictures within their primary Twitter feed.

Before you go throwing your smartphone into the wall, however, that’s not to say that Twitter has banished Instagram entirely from its service. That’s not what we mean. You can still take a photograph on Instagram, automatically upload it to your linked Twitter account, and your message will appear on Twitter with the standard “instagr.am” link to your pic following it.

What appears to be different now, for unknown reasons, is that the photos themselves aren’t showing up in Twitter feeds. In other words, there’s no cropped image to accompany the post – just the raw text and the Instagram link.

Naturally, some tweeters are confused:



Most Twitter users, however, are acutely aware that Twitter and Instagram are no longer integrated. And (surprise!) they don’t like it:

Slow down, @Lwelle11. It’s not yet known if today’s change was caused by Twitter or Instagram.

One bit of good news: If you’re using TweetDeck (a popular Twitter app), Instagram photos are still visible from the timeline.

For now, anyway.

Exit question: What is so darn great about Instagram, anyway?

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