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#NoDisrespectToBenAffleck but 'what the hell' was on Kanye's mouth on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'? [pics]


Better question: Did anyone not see the unidentified glob clinging bitterly to the corner of Kanye’s mouth?



Kanye West hit Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night so they could awkwardly kiss and make up after their infamous Twitter rap feud.


But what captured viewers’ attention first was the lint on Kanye’s head.

The horror! Did it reproduce and migrate to the corner of his mouth?

Or was it something else entirely?


Hopefully Kimmel didn’t have to do any real kissing. #NoDisrespectToBenAffleck but ewwww:





Maybe it was a toothpick?

If so, he’s not pulling it off very well.


Whatever it is, dude: Clean. It. Up.



And while you’re at it, dust off your head.

Rap feud over? Or only just beginning? This round goes to Kimmel:

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