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In your face, Spite House! Blue Ridge inn blockaded by Park Police reopens today

The Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina created a publicity crap storm for the Spite House when operators were forced to close during the government shutdown. The inn sits on federal land and despite the owner’s attempt to defy orders from the Park Police, he was forced to close his doors and throw away spoiled food during the height of fall foliage season.


Today, the inn will reopen at 5 p.m. and all October reservations will be honored.

More fom the Pisgah Inn’s Facebook page:

Greetings Pisgahteers,

we would like to thank the National Park Service for working with us through all of this mess. We will re-open today Wednesday October 9,2013 at 5PM. We are now booking rooms starting tonight, if you have reservations for this month they are still valid unless you call and cancel. Our gift Shop and Country Store are up and running now.The colors are beautiful and the Parkway is open. We look forward to having our guest back up here. See Ya Soon,

The inn owner signaled earlier this week that he would take legal action to reopen his business. There’s no word yet on how this shutdown standoff came to and end and reporter Jon Ostendorff has been unable to reach inn managers for comment. But it looks like the occupying of America continues.


Twitchy will keep you posted.


The inn reportedly won its injunction claim.


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