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'The Wizard of Obvious?' Filthy Filner receives a message from above [photos]


Remember the “Surrender Dorothy” scene in “The Wizard Of Oz”? San Diego radio station KYXY put a Filthy Filner spin on it, hiring skywriters to send a message to pervy San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

[T]he Jeff & Jer Showgram’s Little Tommy Sablan organized five sky typing airplanes to take to the San Diego skies on Friday afternoon to send a simple message to the embattled Mayor of San Diego: “Surrender Bob.”

How many more great-grandmothers have to come forward to fill the Dem mayor’s binders full of sleaze with claims of sexual harassment?

Photos from the Jeff & Jer Showgram Facebook page:


Twitter users in San Diego also captured the “Surrender Bob” message.


Colossal boobs not welcome: San Diego Hooters will not serve Filthy Filner [pic]

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