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Boss of instant Internet star Charles Ramsey: 'He's a hero,' 'the greatest dude ever!'

Charles Ramsey became an viral Internet sensation on Monday after he told the colorful tale of how he helped Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight escape from their alleged captors in Cleveland. Ramsey works at Hodge’s, a Cleveland restaurant owned by chef Chris Hodgson who will compete on next season’s “Food Network Star.”


Hodgson couldn’t be prouder of Ramsey, aka “The Dead Giveaway Guy.”

As Chef Hodge mentioned this morning, we’re extremely proud of our employee Charles Ramsey for not turning his back on the young women. He’s a true Cleveland hero. Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with the women, their families and their friends.

“Chef Hodge” also took to Twitter to laud Ramsey as a hero.

One Twitter user suggested a party for Ramsey. But Hodgson thinks he deserves a whole lot more:


While telling reporters about the alleged captor, Ramsey said, “I barbecued with this dude! We eat ribs and whatnot.” He says he was chowing down on McDonald’s when he heard screaming coming from the Cleveland home, but he’s actually more of a lobster whipped potatoes kinda guy.

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