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NRA's LaPierre slams Biden's shotgun advice: 'You keep your advice, we'll keep our guns'; Update: Video added

The Left loves to screech about how the NRA doesn’t speak for women on the Second Amendment. But NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre did a much better job of it than self-appointed spokespeople Joe Biden, Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar and Colorado state Sen. Evie Hudak.


During his CPAC speech, LaPierre ripped into the vice president for his suggestion that women should just fire a couple of shotgun blasts into the air to deter an intruder.


LaPierre received a standing ovation for slamming the Colorado gun-grabbers who want women defenseless.


Touré won’t like that one!

Twitchy will update with video of LaPierre’s speech as soon as it’s available.

Update: Here’s the video.

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