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Actor Nick Searcy guesses why 'Super Dumbass' Biden would make his 'garden variety slap' remark

After Vice President Joe Biden sparked backlash with a remark that downplayed one type of domestic abuse, blogger Ace of Spades posed a question to Twitter: “Why would someone go out of his way to take a ‘garden variety slap across the face’ off the table as domestic abuse?”


Why, indeed? While Biden did say that even a “garden variety slap” is unacceptable, why would he minimize any form of abuse? “Justified” actor Nick Searcy (unverified account) took a guess: “Because he’d done that a couple of times himself, and didn’t want people to think that he was an ‘abuser?'”

Ouch! Twitter mockery can be brutal, Uncle Joe. And not just “garden variety” brutal. It pays to think before you speak.

More from Ace and Searcy:


More from Ace on Sean Connery’s “Nothin’ Wrong With Slapping a Dame” rule.

So, Joe, would this be abuse or abuse-abuse?

That’ll leave a mark! (Unlike those “unacceptable” yet “garden variety” slaps, right Uncle Joe?)

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