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Nancy Pelosi, 72: Todd Akin is 'doggie doo' on the GOP's shoe

Quite the wordsmith, that Nancy Pelosi.

The 72-year-old congresswoman — yes, 72 — channeled her inner 4-year-old Thursday to suggest that Todd Akin’s idiotic belief in Magical Uteri has given the entire GOP stinky poopy shoes. No word on whether she was trying to stick a purple Crayola up her nose at the time.


Her excrementitious tweet was a paraphrase of what she told The Washington Post during an interview.

Of the “war on women,’’ meme, she shrugs and says “it’s alliterative. I have not been one of those who’s been out there with the ‘war on women’ words.’’ Those who send e-mails with her name on them don’t seem to know that, but she insists that for a long time, “I was hoping it was the odd duck here or there.’’

What the congressman from Missouri has done, though, she says, has shown that’s not the case – and made him “the doggie doo on the shoe of his party, the tattoo on Paul Ryan that they won’t be able to get off.’’

Any other day, we would be mercilessly mocking Pelosi’s absurd claim that she doesn’t eat, sleep and breathe the War on Women meme. To put it in Pelosi-ese, she’s wee-weeing on our leg and telling us it’s raining.

But it’s the use of the phrase “doggie doo” that captured the attention of the Twitterverse.

C’mon. That’s an outrageous insult … to 10-year-olds.


That’s more like it.

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