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Conservatives smack down ghoulish gun-grabber Deepak Chopra

The blood at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., was barely dry before Deepak Chopra began using the tragic loss of six lives to feed his gun-grabbing agenda.


Ah. We see Chopra is branching out from pseudoscientific quantum quackery to ignorant leftist crankery. The conservative Twitterverse slammed the “poet-prophet of alternative medicine” for drooling out a liberal gun control platitude just hours after the deadly shooting.


Chopra didn’t stop at just one tweet.

Golly, Australia sounds swell, what with no pesky Second Amendment to get in the way of disarming the people.

Or not.




Chopra eventually got around to grieving instead of simply politicizing.

But, really it’s all about the energy, man.

Guns don’t kill people, the shadow energy of shame and impotence kills people?

Hours later he’s still at it.

Oh, man. Somebody better break the news to the Olympic skeet shooters and trap shooters, not to mention the countless women and men who use firearms to deter assailants every hour of every day. Maybe he can let them know on Piers Morgan’s CNN show tonight:

Evidently Morgan and Chopra will do their best to out-ghoul one another.


Does Deepak Chopra have the “courage to try”? That all depends on the current state of the thermodynamic inclines.

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